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A Bridal Shop In Lancashire – 5 Reasons To Buy From Us

The time has finally come to search for your perfect wedding dress. How exciting!  But where do you start? Buying your wedding dress is usually way up the top of the list for any bride but where do you actually go to buy? I know the internet is the first port of call for everyone nowadays but just try popping “bridal shop in Lancashire” into Google.

Although buying online is the norm nowadays, is it what you really want to do when you for the most important dress you’re ever going to wear? Here’s just a few reasons to buy from us


Choosing your wedding dress should be a memorable experience. There should be tears, excitement and laughs. You need to know that the wedding dress you choose, is THE dress, and how do you know…? By trying on different styles until you “feel” it. It’s a feeling that is difficult to explain until it happens. Don’t get me wrong, not every bride-to-be is in floods of tears and screaming “this is it!”, for some it’s a slow burn but, trust me, you know when know! You just feel AMAZING, even without coiffured hair and impeccable makeup, and so confident you can take on the world.

During a bridal consultation, you will be taken out of your comfort zone and encouraged to try on different styles. Have you always wanted a fishtail wedding dress but curious what you’d look like in a ballgown style? Have you always wondered what the difference is between ivory and champagne? Do you know if you want a veil? Do you want a wedding dress with sleeves or a strapless fit and flare? Our bridal shop in Lancashire is where you find out. That is why buying your dress from an actual bridal boutique will always be the superior option.


We are not here to sell you a dress and then never see you again, we are here to support you throughout your journey. We will store your wedding dress and have it perfectly steamed and ready to collect the day before your wedding, even packing it in a case ready to take with you to your destination wedding. There is no charge for this as we believe it is all part and parcel of a quality service.


Wedding dresses are available in many different fabrics and this is so hard to see online. Bridal shops will have examples of all the different fabrics from satins, to tulle, to lace and silks. Then there is not just the different fabrics, but also the different quality of that fabric which makes a massive difference in whether that dress will look simply good on you or absolutely stunning! The perfect combination of fabric and boning in a designer wedding dress is far superior to anything you will ever wear. It may only be for a day, but memories last forever.


Alterations are carried out in house. Whilst you are actually trying on our beautiful range of wedding dresses, as bridal consultants we are working out how the dress is going to look when it fits you, with a shoulder lift, nipped in at the waist etc. We need the dress to make “you” the best “you” possible and those few nips and tucks will make it absolutely perfect!  This is why we are with you throughout the alterations process.


Payment plans are always available to suit your budget. Nothing to formal, just a simple inhouse agreement with our brides to make it easier to buy your perfect wedding dress and help with budgeting for your perfect day.

These are just a few reasons to buy from your local bridal shop in Lancashire and I could go on.  Don't forget, you're also supporting your high street by shopping local.

Remember, there is no better recommendation for us than from a previous bride. We need you to be proud to tell everyone that you bought your beautiful wedding dress from Anne Whittaker Bridal and what a fabulous experience you had whilst doing so.

Thanks for reading

Lins x