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Bridal consultation: Top tips to avoid wedding dress regret

Buying your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you will make, so you’ll want to make sure you get the perfect gown at your bridal consultation.

OK. Perhaps that sounds a little dramatic. But you may feel the pressure is on when the time comes to look for yours.  

The stress caused whilst wedding dress shopping can make you second guess your purchase. This inevitably leads to the dreaded wedding dress regret.

Is it normal to have wedding dress regrets?

The simple answer is yes!  You have just paid hundreds, maybe even thousands, for a dress you will wear for just one day.  

Your brain will go into overdrive. Hang on, is it too much?  Does it cost enough? Does it look cheap?  Do I really like lace?  Should I have tried on more styles whilst wedding dress shopping?  

But by this point of course, you’ve punched in your pin. Is there no going back?

Don't panic.

The majority of the time, it’s  just the wobbles.  You chose that dress for a reason, so you must have loved it at the time. 

So how can you avoid wedding dress regrets?

Keep your bridal consultation party small but perfectly formed 

Make sure that you take the right guests to your bridal consultation. Aunty Pat and great grandma Mildred both want in on the action but so do your mum, your sisters and your bridesmaids.

Ever heard the phrase, too many cooks spoil the broth?

We suggest that you bring two of your closest family members or friends with you to the bridal consultation. Taking a full-blown “Say Yes To The Dress” entourage only complicates things.

All it takes is one eye roll and it puts you off a wedding dress you love.

It can be upsetting enough in the wedding dress shop but when it happens after you have purchased your dress, negative thoughts set in about your choice.

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Taking snaps at your bridal consultation

One absolute no-no at your bridal consultation is taking selfies in your wedding dress. If any pics are taken, make sure they’re on your guest’s phone so you can avoid constantly looking at them. 

Lighting on phones can cause unusual shadows or make dresses which actually look lovely, look unflattering. So while you think you’ve seen a roll of fat sticking out of a backless dress, you won’t see the toned back that your guests will see, when you’re walking down the aisle. 

In a nutshell, the photograph will not be a professional shot and therefore not the most flattering image. And that’s the memory you’ll store rather than the feeling you had actually wearing it. 

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Avoid the pressure purchase 

If you hear any wedding shop staff at your bridal consultation utter the words “If you buy it now I will discount it” or “There was another bride looking at this dress earlier,” walk away!   

The amount of times I have had brides in my shop looking for a second wedding dress because they felt pushed into a purchase is so sad.  

I believe in fate. If the dress has gone when you go back to the shop, it wasn’t your dress anyway and something better is lined up for you.

 If you’d spied a ‘one-off’ couture dress, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t be able to find it elsewhere by trawling the internet or contacting the designer.

What to do if you have wedding dress regrets 

Check your terms and conditions to see if you have a cooling off period and if you are within it, as you may be able to move your initial payment to another dress.  

But don’t fret. Contact your bridal shop and explain the situation.  

We will want to know why you’ve fallen out of love with it but you’ll be amazed by how many times once the bride is back in the dress, pinned and clamped correctly by the bridal consultant, she falls back in love with it and the feelings that she had reappear.

Sadly, the worst case scenario is that you have to buy a second wedding dress.  If it happens, just remember the points above, and you WILL find your perfect wedding dress for your perfect day.

So yes, wedding dress regrets are perfectly normal, but usually only a short-term feeling.  


  • Take your time when buying your dress
  • Step away from the pressures 
  • If you’re unsure, re-try another day

That amazing, indescribable feeling you had when you put THE dress on is THE feeling you want again on your wedding day. Only you can feel it – by wearing your perfect wedding dress.

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